Lease a piece of the Metaverse

Easily acquire virtual land for your brand's unique presence.


Are you interested in investing or developing virtual land but worried about:

wallets, cryptocurrency, NFTs & blockchains?

Our team is here to help every step of the way! 

Email or chat with us on Discord.

Empowering landowners, tenants, and content creators to build a better Metaverse experience. 


Earn passive income by staking LAND assets on our platform. We will manage renting your land to tenants ensuring your rental requirements are met.


You will maintain 100% ownership with the ability to trade the land and/or rental receivables.


Rent virtual land by the day, week or month. Bring your own 3D scenes or select interchangeable scenes from our inventory.


We guarantee your rental agreement will not be terminated prematurely but executed as agreed upon. 


Earn income by supplying 3D scenes to our inventory. Your scenes will be available for tenants to provide experiences to their audience.

Connect with tenants to provide consulting or develop customized 3D scenes.



Landowners stake land

When staking land, you will be given an NFT representing an "IOU" or a claim to the asset you provided. This NFT will be compliant with the ERC-721 standard & thus will be tradeable on all NFT marketplaces


Creators develop & list 3D scenes 

Once 3D scenes are developed, you will be able to list them on our platform. We will ensure 3D scenes are compatible with our land inventory and meet our guidelines. You will be able to set your rental fee requirements, and/or put it up for sale.

Tenants search for land & experiences

After searching for land, tenants will get into an agreement with the landowner. Tenants will specify their check in/out time. For short term rentals, tenants can pay in crypto or USD upfront.

When the agreement is executed, tenants will receive limited permissions to use the land they chose: ensuring it cannot be sold, deleted or traded.

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Business Development & Operations Lead

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Christian Martinez, MBA

Solidity Developer & Product Development Lead

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